Not exclusion, not integration… but inclusion!

"Being different together" - that is Wartenfelser's motto because all people have the opportunity to participate in working life equally at our company. 

Why inclusivness at Wartenfelser?

Inclusiveness is a subject close to our hearts because it furthers social justice and contact between people. We are convinced that designing the world of work inclusively helps us all. Our ideal: "Let us be different together, only in this way can we reach our potential optimally."


ALL people are welcome here!

Whatever age, gender, sex, origin, or disabilities a person has, we would like to offer them the same opportunities in the working community. This principle has been practiced here for more than 30 years in successful collaboration with a number of workshops of the Lebenshilfe charity. At our old production site in Erlangen, a small workshop with its own Lebenshilfe workgroup was directly annexed to it.

When we moved to our new production site, we temporarily lost the physical vicinity to the workgroup. At the start of 2017, we therefore decided to take up the topic of inclusiveness and to implement the collaboration with Lebenshilfe in a different way. Since then, our own inclusion group has been working directly together with our colleagues in our main factory in Hemhofen without physical separation. For this, we received the Erlangen Inclusion Award in 2017. Ever since then, we have been happy to observe how this group has enriched our working atmosphere each day.

Inclusivness at Wartenfelser
Inclusivness at Wartenfelser
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