Automation made to measure  

Even the most hardworking employee needs some time off - but not our robots. They roll up their virtual sleeves and work around the clock. By having our own automation department, we achieve a high level of fail-safety, consistent quality, and a repeatable process flow. Right from the start of a project, our team examines all customer requirements in order to achieve a finely adjusted balance between the level of automation and economic efficiency.


  • Analysis of the automation depth directly with the customer inquiry
  • Bid preparation with defined presentation of the automation potential
  • Prototype production by 3D printing
  • Cooperation network of renowned automation experts


  • Use of high-quality robotic elements
  • Standardization of components (modular principle)
  • High depth of inhouse production of automation applications
  • Validation of automation parallel with part qualification

100% inspection 

  • Automated part screening
  • Assurance of 0ppm requirements with optical and mechanical test systems
Optical test systems