Avoid, reduce, reuse - We just get it done! 

We can all do so much to optimize environmental protection. True to our company motto "We just get it done", we are constantly reviewing how and where we can improve and further develop yet more environmental aspects of our processes.

For us, avoiding means: 

  • Resource-saving component optimization
  • Sustainable and regional procurement strategy
  • Prevention of duplicated production
  • Clever returnable packaging concepts
  • Paperless office

For us, reducing means: 

  • Hot runner systems for sprue reduction
  • Responsible use of packaging material
  • Reduction of waste with automated 100% process monitoring
  • Use of "eco-friendly" granulate

For us, reusing means: 

  • "Aurora lean logistics" recycling concept
  • Participation in the RIGK system and Grüner Punkt recycling system
  • Textile sharing concept for cleaning requirements
  • Technical injection molding